Bear Cave Wrestling Camps
With 2 time Division 1 All-American Ben VomBaur

Each Day Camp includes 2 sessions of advanced wrestling technique taught by two time Divison 1 All-American Ben VomBaur. Sessions range from 1.5-2 hours per session. There is also 30-60 minutes of Strength and Conditioning per Day Camp. The kids will condition through wrestling simulated strength drills with climbing ropes, relay races, and state-of-the-art Speed Dummies from Suples, LTD. 


Each Day Camp includes a 1-1.5 hour fishing session in our privately stocked pond. We supply all the poles, bait, nets, etc. 


Each Day Camp will include a 1-1.5 hour session of Slingshot Paintball. These sessions will be CLOSELY supervised by the coach. Each wrestler is required to wear eye protection AT ALL TIMES! Any rule breaking during the Slingshot Paintball session will result in your child sitting out for this activity. Please talk with them about safety and the importance of following the rules before camp. This is by far our most popular part of camp! They will play a combination of Capture the Flag, Teams, and Free For All! We supply all the slingshots, eye protection and paintballs.